DIY dryer balls

Hello! Today I am going to show you all how to make your very own, homemade dryer balls. Making your own dryer balls will help cut down on waste from the single use dryer sheets and will also help cut down on the cost of buying dryer sheets. So you save money and the planet.

Dryer balls are great for reducing dryer time and getting rid of wrinkles

What you will need:

  • 100% wool (I used Lion Brand yarns, fisherman’s wool)
  • nylon stockings
  • essential oils
  • scissors

How to make

This is the wool I used which is 465yd enough to make 4 balls this roll was $12.99 at Joann Fabric. (check for a store coupon. I found one for 40% off making this yard only $8.50) It’s worth it because each ball you make lasts up to at least 150 -200 loads . That’s .20 cents a load!!

start by wrapping the yarn around your fingers about 20 times

take it off your fingers and wrap the other way keep doing this until your ball looks like this

once your ball is about the size of a tennis ball cut off the end and take the end of the yarn using something sharp, I used scissors to hide the end inside of the ball

Using your either new or old pair of nylon stocking take your ball of yarn and push it to the bottom of the stocking where your toes would be located, then tie a knot

repeat until you run out of yarn

feel free to use essential oils if you want. I used On Guard, Purify and Bergamot for two of them and Tangerine and Lime for the other two I made. For more information about these essential oils I used go to for more information.

After your done adding your essential oils in throw your dryer balls in the washer and dryer on as high as it can go. this is called the felting process. Then after you balls have gone through the washer and dryer your done and ready for use

I hope you guys find this post helpful and that you decide to make your very own dryer balls.

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